Kenzo is located in a nearby Shopping mall in Shimotori in Kumamoto city. Kenzo is an Izakaya that serves delicious horsemeat cuisine and local cuisine such as Karashi Renkon (Mustard-stuffed Lotus Root), Ichimonji Guruguru (Green onion with vinegary miso), Horse Sashimi, and Horsemeat Sushi.

Premium Marbled Kumamoto Horsemeat Sashimi.


From Chef

Horsemeat is one of Kumamoto's specialties. The quality of the taste varies, especially Marbled Horsemeat called Premium Horsemeat Sashimi is very rare and there are only a few restaurants that can serve this. We serve only well-selected Horsemeat. Please enjoy our delicious premium Horsemeat Sashimi.
photo:Horsemeat Sashimi.
Horsemeat Sashimi
Kumamoto's specialty, Marbled Horsemeat Sashimi - Kenzo's highly recommendation. Enjoy the texture and the taste of the best quality Horsemeat.
photo:Grilled Horsemeat
Grilled Horsemeat
Slow cooked horsemeat is crispy and juicy. Enjoy with special Miso sauce.
photo:Natto with Horsemeat
Sakura Natto (Horsemeat with Natto)
Minced Horsemeat with Natto. If you like horsemeat and Natto, you must try it.
photo:Horsemeat Sushi
Horsemeat Sushi
Raw Marbled Horsemeat. The premium horsemeat and sushi rice melts in your mouth.
photo:Horse offal Tempura
Horse offal Tempura
Tempura made with horse offal. Enjoy the texture and is recommended as a side for beer!
Serving the most excellent horsemeat and local cuisine for 15 years, and will continue providing the same high quality service and products. We look forward to serving you.
Kenzo - Horsemeat and Local Cuisine
Basement of Shiciko Building, 1-8-24 Shimotori, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto-ken